Super powers… please!

This summer, I had my thyroid taken out because I had thyroid cancer.  It was a little unnerving when I first found out, but truthfully, it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.  My mother and aunt had already gone through this procedure a few years ago, so I knew what it was like and what to expect through their experience.  I knew the surgery itself was no that big of a deal… at least as little as a cancer removing surgery can be anyway.

The big worry was the follow-up treatment.  With this type of surgery, they give you a dose of radioactive iodine to make sure they get all of the thyroid cells.  It is a low dose, but you’re still a bit radioactive.  This was made into a bigger worry given that my wife was, and still is, pregnant.  Radiation is bad for everyone, but it’s particularly bad for a developing fetus… hence the worries.

I am currently in my cousin’s house, three months after surgery.  I’m on day 3 of isolation after having taken the dose of radioactive iodine.  It’s a little boring, but otherwise not bad.  I have my computer, my phone, and my cousin’s Fios… and snacks.  What I don’t have is a super power.  Sadly, I’m finding out that all these comic books and movies have been lying to me about the effects of radiation.  They’ll be receiving a few angry letters from me in the near future about the false advertising.  So let this post serve as a PSA, being radioactive does NOT translate into getting any kind of super power.  My pee doesn’t even glow.  Yes, I have checked.  You would too, trust me.  Then again, it could be possible that the powers are dormant, and they will show themselves when I’m physically or emotionally stressed.  Guess I’ll have to try climbing a mountain or talking to my mom about baby showers to see if the powers come through.   😉

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