iPad 2 Multitouch Gestures

I just finished using this guide by Engadget to enable multitasking gestures in iOS 4.3 on iPad. In short, it rules. I don’t ever have to hit the home button again (except to wake it up). Best part is this was beyond easy. You do need a Mac as well as the Xcode app, which I luckily had installed for iPhone app development. By the way, the app is simple to get but it is BIG! If you have a new iPad or the original running iOS 4.3 I highly recommend doing this. It’s worth it. Full review of iPad 2 to follow soon.

Engadget article: http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/14/how-to-enable-multitasking-gestures-in-ios-4-3/

1 thought on “iPad 2 Multitouch Gestures

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