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Super powers… please!

This summer, I had my thyroid taken out because I had thyroid cancer.  It was a little unnerving when I first found out, but truthfully, it wasn’t as bad as it could’ve been.  My mother and aunt had already gone through this procedure a few years ago, so I knew what it was like and what to expect through their experience.  I knew the surgery itself was no that big of a deal… at least as little as a cancer removing surgery can be anyway.

The big worry was the follow-up treatment.  With this type of surgery, they give you a dose of radioactive iodine to make sure they get all of the thyroid cells.  It is a low dose, but you’re still a bit radioactive.  This was made into a bigger worry given that my wife was, and still is, pregnant.  Radiation is bad for everyone, but it’s particularly bad for a developing fetus… hence the worries.

I am currently in my cousin’s house, three months after surgery.  I’m on day 3 of isolation after having taken the dose of radioactive iodine.  It’s a little boring, but otherwise not bad.  I have my computer, my phone, and my cousin’s Fios… and snacks.  What I don’t have is a super power.  Sadly, I’m finding out that all these comic books and movies have been lying to me about the effects of radiation.  They’ll be receiving a few angry letters from me in the near future about the false advertising.  So let this post serve as a PSA, being radioactive does NOT translate into getting any kind of super power.  My pee doesn’t even glow.  Yes, I have checked.  You would too, trust me.  Then again, it could be possible that the powers are dormant, and they will show themselves when I’m physically or emotionally stressed.  Guess I’ll have to try climbing a mountain or talking to my mom about baby showers to see if the powers come through.   😉

Family Problems

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, so let my apology fall into the ether that is the internet.  I finally have some time, but I think mostly I’m posting because I need some kind of therapeutic action.  Over the past few days, I’ve had to put up with one of the most trying, awkward, no-getting-better situations I’ve ever had to deal with in my life.  Sadly, it deals with the two most important women in my life.  I won’t be going into specifics.  But here is my observation:  my mom is a little crazy.

From my perspective, this is just a giant, giant, giant misunderstanding.  Basically, my mom, the person who’s been my support for my entire life, feels slighted by the actions, or lack there  of, of my wife, the woman who has for the past eight years been nothing but caring, sweet, and just as supportive to me.  My mother is a very strong woman with very, very strong feelings.  I’ve fought many battles with her when she has perceived my actions as wrong or hurtful.  She is the type of woman who won’t accept apologies and doesn’t care what outside (non-blood) relationships get burned.  I, being as strong-willed, and a blood relative, have been able to withstand or at least deal with these “confrontations” that pop up.  This is different.  Her issue is not with me, it’s with my wife.  Uncomfortable to begin with, but more so when you factor in my wife’s traits.  Simply put, if there was one person in the world that had to be chosen to embody selflessness, humility, and a general all around let’s-all-get-along attitude, my wife would be that person.  This by no means excludes her of all wrongdoing.  She has her part in the matter, but more out of carelessness as opposed to vindictiveness.

So like I was saying, the traits of my wife almost automatically put her into a category of the submissive.  She doesn’t know, nor has she ever had to deal with, the kind of fiery personality that is my mother.  She did her best to apologize, but as stated earlier, my mother is not usually open to apologies.  So I don’t know what to do.  I can’t get through to my mom.  She brings up some very strange points to support why she is so mad.  I can’t understand it all.  I actually do get the initial feeling of being slighted.  I see it.  What I don’t see is the amount of anger and lack of understanding that follows it all.  What the hell am I supposed to do?  We have a baby coming in two months.  What is this going to do to that relationship with her granddaughter?  Will she not care as much?  I want my family to be an integral part of the life of my children, but I also don’t want them to be “second class citizens” to my family either.

I really don’t feel good about this.  My wife has some part in this.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be changed now.  It all rests in the heart and mind of my mother; who, to be fair, is one of the most loving people I know.  I know in this post seem could easily be seen as a monster, but trust me she’s not.  If I was to play arm chair psychologist, I might say that she is just acting out against that woman that stole her baby boy away from her.  We were always very close, and I’m afraid this will change that.  I don’t know what to do.  I want to just go to sleep and hide for a few months until my daughter gets here.  She’ll make it better.


I’m a teacher.  If I had to define myself as something, that’s what I would say.  Sure, it’s my profession but I think it goes deeper than that.  I like to pass on any type of knowledge that I’ve gained in my life to anyone that wants it… and sometimes those that don’t want it (ask my brother about that).  But I believe that a good teacher is always a student, always learning.  Maybe that’s why I like teaching; I enjoy learning just as much.

Most people don’t know it, but the classroom is a two-way street.  Sure, most traffic flows from teacher to student, but we do get something back.  Sometimes, all we get is the knowledge of some new song or other pop culture reference.  Sometimes those alone are enough; I’ve found some pretty good music and movies thanks to my kids.  On occasion, a student will introduce a new way of thinking about a problem, a way in which I wouldn’t have thought.  And then other times they just teach you about life.  When you meet so many people and form relationships with them, you are going to be able to have a glimpse into these lives.  It’s amazing what kids see and have to deal with.  Some actually go to work and are one of the main earners of their family.  Many are in charge of the younger kids and household chores when they get home; sometimes to the extent that they are the ones that go to their siblings’ Parents Night at their schools.  So many kids are thrust into adult lives, sometimes more adult than my own.  But they all try to work through it.  That’s damn impressive to say the least.  Sometimes, these situations make it harder for me to be a teacher; so that challenges me.   Other times, I just sit back and watch them deal with what they’re given and I’m amazed at what they can do.  And I’m thankful for all of it; the challenges and the inspirations.   No matter what, I’m learning to be more patient and understanding.  I’m learning how to better reach different kids.  In turn, I try to teach people I know these lessons.  If only students knew how often they are teachers.