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Where are you, Doc?

What the hell is going on with my doctors lately? I have never had to wait for my appointments like I have during this past year. I had always accepted the fact that I would have to wait upwards of fifteen minutes or so after my appointment time to see the doctor. Now, all the doctors that I go to, be it general practitioner, dentist, or even my eye doctor, are taking more than 45 minutes just to get from waiting room to examination room. Why?

Maybe the solution is this: Stop Over Booking. If patients are being booked every fifteen minutes and you’re making them wait forty-five minutes, maybe you can try to book every half hour instead (at least).  I’m not naive.  I understand the bottom line is money and money comes from as many patients as possible, but try to be a little considerate of your clients and fellow human beings.  We all have stuff that needs to get done and we need to be able to plan events out.  Unfortunately, waiting for a doctor’s appointment is becoming longer and, more problematic, more unpredictable.  By that I mean, you never really know how long you’ll be waiting.  It could be that forty-five minutes we mentioned or it could be as bad as two entire hours waiting.  How do you plan your day around that?  How can the working class schedule a quick visit during a lunch since many doctors keep bankers hours?